Our content experts put together a playlist with videos from our content library. This month we're sharing lessons on all things compliance to help eliminate discrimination of any kind and to create a positive workplace. Viewers will learn about anti-harassment, hiring for a diverse workforce, and more!
Inclusive Mindset: What Diversity Is and Isn't
Let’s deconstruct some of the preconceived notions about diversity and think beyond the big three of race, gender, and sexuality. Learners will develop skills to disagree with someone while still respecting someone and acknowledging their humanity.
Anti-Harassment for Supervisors: Why People Don't Speak Up
This lesson is intended to teach the various reasons why harassment goes unreported in organizations and effective ways to create a positive work environment for everyone to confidently speak on issues.
Antisemitism at Work
Learners will get an understanding of the legal side of harassment and discrimination against protected classes, the complex definition of antisemitism and how it commonly manifests in the workplace, as well as best practices that promote inclusivity.
Culture of Civility: When Cursing Becomes Harassment
Viewers will be able to identify how cursing can become harassment and learn what an individual can do to personally prevent cursing becoming frequent in the workplace.
Hiring for a Diverse Workforce
This lesson uncovers cover the difference between diversity and multiculturism and the distinction between power and privilege. Employees will also learn policies to put into action when hiring a diverse workforce.
Office Safety: Ergonomics
This session is designed to explain how an ergonomic workstation can keep your organization and its workers productive, healthy, and happy. Viewers will also learn about the three major ergonomic risk factors along with how each element of their workstation factors into their ergonomic health and safety.
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