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Cyber Security Awareness: A Few Words About Passwords
Welcome to the “A Few Words About Passwords” video lesson meant to introduce learners to the importance of password protecting devices. This lesson is the third of six in the “Cybersecurity Awareness” series, which helps learners understand modern technological threats to themselves and their company. From this lesson, the learner will understand the importance and characteristics of strong passwords, learn good password-related habits, and be encouraged to replace existing weak passwords.
Test Your Phishing Recognition Skills
Welcome to the “Test Your Phishing Recognition Skills” video lesson. This interactive lesson is designed to strengthen viewers’ detection skills for phishing scams. First, this lesson covers why phishing recognition is vital for an organization's future as critical data is at stake. Then, it gives six realistic examples of common phishing methods, such as scam emails that appear to be from trusted organizations but are actually trying to steal your information. Finally, this lesson explains what to do if you fall for a phishing scam. After viewing this lesson, learners should feel more confident that they can see right through a phishing scam and protect their organization's data!
Cybersecurity Toolkit: Phishing
Welcome to the “Cybersecurity Toolkit,” a series of video lessons designed to cover everything you need to know about keeping your workplace safe from cyberattacks. This lesson, “Cybersecurity: Phishing,” is intended to define and describe different types of phishing attacks and provide action steps to avoid these attacks. This lesson begins by defining the term “phishing” before describing its many forms such as email spoofing, mass brand impersonation, URL phishing, website spoofing, subdomain attacks, in-session phishing, image phishing, vishing, search engine attacks, and more.
Security Awareness Now! Protecting Against Insider Threats
The world of cybersecurity threat has become an entire universe. This module alerts employees to the different types and sources of cybersecurity threats, intentional and unintentional, and how those threats can appear in the daily routine of any organization. Employees acquire best practices for safeguarding the organization’s critical assets.
User-Centered Design: Benefits, Challenges, and Best Practices
For well over a decade, UCD methodologies have helped shape the technology solutions and devices that touch our daily lives. In this report, Rob Stokes, Director of User Experience at Spanning Cloud Apps, introduces viewers to the world of user-centered design and discusses its benefits and challenges. In addition, we’ll offer practical advice and best practices that professionals can utilize to benefit their critical development projects.
What’s New in Big Data: Trends, Tools and Techniques
Enterprises today are relying more and more on Big Data and advanced analytics to let them identify the dynamics of their market as well as the future trends that will offer them that “prized” competitive edge. With our current global output of data now estimated at 2.5 quintillion bytes a day, companies must lay down a bona fide strategy to effectively manage and mine the massive data sets of structured and unstructured data that they acquire.

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