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12 Tips for Ensuring GDPR Compliance
Welcome to "12 Tips for Ensuring GDPR Compliance," a video lesson that covers 12 topics to consider when becoming complaint with the GDPR. This lesson is the final of two in the "Understanding the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)" series. Because this is a big change from the previous 1995 Data Protection Directive, it’s critical to be up to date on the current standards for personal data protection and privacy.
Active Shooter and Workplace Violence
Emergencies involving violence are unfortunately a real possibility in today's workplace. This can also include encountering an active shooter on the premises. One of your job responsibilities is to be prepared and know how to respond should such an emergency occur at your workplace. Knowing the proper procedures to follow during an emergency could mean the difference between life and death.
The Interviewing Process: Psychology of the Hiring Process
Welcome to the "Interviewing Process" video series. This is the first video lesson in a series of seven, and it discusses how to be effective in a job interview. It also covers the importance of hiring engaged people -- those who have growth potential and fit other values of the organization. When organizations decide to reject a prospective employee, it’s not always because the applicant was the wrong person. Sometimes it’s because it was a bad interview. As a result, managers and supervisors who don’t know how to conduct good interviews often miss out on hiring quality employees.
Employee Retention: Promoting Work-Life Balance
Welcome to the “Employee Retention: Promoting Work-Life Balance” video lesson intended to emphasize the relationship between employee retention and an organization’s commitment to work-life balance. This video lesson is the sixth of seven in the “Boosting Employee Retention” video course, which provides actionable advice on how to hold on to your organization’s high-performing employees. Throughout this lesson, viewers will learn the importance of creating an individual approach to work-life balance as opposed to a strictly systems approach.
Ethics Essentials: Making Ethical Decisions
Welcome to ‘Making Ethical Decisions,’ a video lesson that describes how a strong sense of personal ethics should guide your decisions. This lesson is the sixth of seven in the ‘Ethics Essentials’ video course meant to teach employees about the fundamentals of ethics and explain how ethics should be handled in the workplace. Your actions reflect your personal beliefs and demonstrate your moral conduct. From this lesson, viewers will understand the importance of making ethical choices and have a foundation for their own decision-making process.
Generation Z in the Workplace
Welcome to the “Generation Z in the Workplace” video lesson meant to explain how employers can effectively recruit, motivate, and manage Gen Z employees. Throughout this lesson, learners will understand more about the way that Gen Zers work, including what makes them want to stay at a job longer and what they want to get out of a job personally and professionally. Finally, viewers will learn what it takes to work well with Gen Z as this new generation steadily joins the workforce.

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