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Multiple Challenges to Address

With the transportation industry operating at the whim of the economy, competition between service providers is extremely high, and a culture where customer satisfaction is highly valued is crucial.

Watco was facing several challenges, including:

  • Employee turnover
  • Manager and supervisor training
  • Lack of company culture
  • Lack of customer service
  • Gap in technical skills
  • Gap in soft skills

“BizLibrary helped us reduce employee turnover by 7% and save $3 million in the first year.”

— Cris Hatcher, Director of Training and Development

Incorporating an Online Solution

In 2015, Watco University partnered with BizLibrary to launch Watco U Online, their on-demand online learning program.

The program was first introduced with under 25 team members, from both the corporate and field environments. The program uses the mobile-ready BizLibrary LMS and learning content from The BizLibrary Collection.

“Watco U Online helps our team members cultivate their soft skills so that they can effectively communicate, manage their time, develop themselves, and therefore develop others.”

— Cris Hatcher

Seeing Results Across the Board

The initial goal of Watco U Online was to focus on mid-level managers and supervisors – to provide ongoing development so they in turn could grow their teams. In just one year, they saw amazing results.

  • Increased participation from 25 to 490 employees
  • Time spent on mandatory OSHA recertification training was reduced by 67%, saving over $1,600 compared to instructor-led training
  • Improved service led to improved customer satisfaction
  • 95% of all course completions are elective, which means employees are eager to learn and grow
  • Reduced employee turnover by 7% within the first year, saving over $3 million
  • Developed technical and soft skills across the organization

The participants were given full access to The BizLibrary Collection to complete courses on an elective basis. After one month, their feedback stressed how valuable this program would be for providing ongoing development of their teams.

“As our team members develop, it allows them to provide better service to our customers, which leads to improved customer satisfaction.”

— Cris Hatcher

Client: Watco Companies

Industry: Transportation

Top Challenges: Skill Gaps, Employee Turnover

About: Watco Companies, LLC, based out of Pittsburg, KS, is a privately owned company providing transportation, terminal and port services, supply chain, and mechanical solutions for customers throughout the U.S., Canada, Australia, and Mexico. Watco Companies was founded on a goal of providing the best customer service possible in the transportation industry, and developing long-term relationships with its customers, vendors, and business partners.