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Veterans Trading Company is a supply chain solution company that helps commercial firms and federal prime contractors procure materials and improve productivity and operational efficiency.

The organization recognized a need for training, and after evaluating several options, decided to partner with BizLibrary, bringing a formal training program to the organization for the first time.

Led by Katie Farron, VTC’s Corporate Trainer, the program is now focused on identifying business challenges that can be solved with training, and strategically using training to solve those challenges and deliver better results for both customers and the organization.

Starting a Strategic Partnership

Because a formal training program was a new concept at VTC, Katie knew she could improve her results by leveraging her strategic relationship with her Client Success Manager.

“Hallie’s been a great sounding board and has given me a lot of tips from other clients that I’ve been able to work in.”

Those tips have come in useful, Katie discovered, because managing training has been vital for VTC’s growth and compliance.

“BizLibrary’s technology has been essential to managing our program, essentially because the quality team is really big on audits every year. We have to make sure we can document what everybody’s been doing, and what improvements we can show.”

BizLibrary’s learning management system gives Katie an all-in-one point of access to easily find training records, show members of the quality team what training has been completed, and how the training program helps communicate the importance of staying dedicated to quality customer support.

The Importance of a Large Learning Library

Although VTC is a small business, they work with some of the largest companies, like Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and more. Despite a smaller workforce, VTC still needs to deliver training over a variety of topics, from equipment compliance to management training and soft skills.

Armed with a large library of high quality video content, VTC has been able to deliver content aligned to important business outcomes, and learners love being able to access a variety of styles, so that training is customized around the needs of the individual.

“We have a lot of different people all over the country that deal with different stuff in their departments, and some of them have different concerns. I like that we can find multiple options for literally everybody,” Katie told us.

“The employees like the diversity of content; we have a lot of people who go into BizLibrary in their free time and try to learn Excel or pick up a new skill.”

Training a Dispersed Workforce

Katie let us know that training a dispersed workforce is one of the biggest challenges that VTC faces. With locations all across the country, finding the time and resources to teach consistent processes, techniques and approaches to problems was difficult for the growing company.

“We have a lot of different sites, and they don’t always know what the other does. BizLibrary helps us with that because we can use custom content on the platform to go into what everyone else does. We have a video that addressed the whole scope of the company, all of the managers introduced themselves, and then everyone watched it.”

With BizLibrary and Katie’s custom content, the organization was able to deliver a consistent message that relayed their mission across a geographically dispersed workforce!

With Katie heading the program, VTC looks like it’s in a great place to continue overcoming challenges by leveraging training through BizLibrary.

Ready to get started? Let’s talk about how BizLibrary can help you build a new program, or improve your existing one!

Client: VTC

Industry: Transportation and Warehousing

Top challenges: Dispersed Workforce, Competitive Advantage

About: Veterans Trading Company is a supply chain solution company that helps commercial firms and Federal prime contractors procure materials and improve productivity and operational efficiency.