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SpanTech LLC is a global manufacturer of plastic conveyors. SpanTech is the only company in the plastic chain conveyor industry that manufactures all the components of the conveyors, ensuring the quality of the product offering.

SpanTech’s previous training efforts focused on providing an overview of the company and description of individual job roles. This was done primarily through webinars and seminars, but SpanTech also wanted to include additional content. They started looking into the process of creating OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) compliance courses, but soon realized how large of a task that would be.

Shelli Randolph, training coordinator, began searching for an online learning partner to add content to their training program. Ultimately, SpanTech chose to partner with BizLibrary because of the number of courses offered and the reasonable price.

Modern Learning Solution

As Shelli began the implementation process with BizLibrary, her client success manager helped her through every step of the way. With weekly phone calls as they were getting set up, the client success team ensured Shelli had everything she needed to launch her new training program.

“The client success team at BizLibrary is probably the most helpful of any tech company that I have delt with.” – Shelli Randolph

When Shelli was asked what she likes most about the content in the BizLibrary Collection, and she said she enjoys how the content is interactive, engaging, and relevant.

Shelli said one of her favorite features is the ability to create a reoccurring assignment in the platform. She can create a compliance assignment that restarts yearly. Because compliance was one of the main drivers of a training program, Shelli loves how this helps her stay organized and save time.

Because SpanTech is a manufacturing facility, one of their challenges is finding the appropriate time for training. With the accessibility of BizLibrary, employees can come into the computer lab and complete training whenever it works best for their schedule. This method is more efficient than previously having to take everyone out of production to attend a training webinar or seminar.

Embracing Content

Since partnering with BizLibrary, employees at SpanTech have embraced their new training material like never before. Before BizLibrary the total number of training seminars and webinars attended was 187.

After the implementation of BizLibrary the total number of courses increased to 915 courses! Shelli says, “We attribute that to BizLibrary and learning best practices at the ALIGN conferences, and implementing the strategies learned.”

Overall, BizLibrary has equipped SpanTech with the necessary resources to build a learning culture at their organization. Are you ready to build or improve your training program at your organization? Let’s talk!

Client: SpanTech LLC

Industry: Manufacturing

Top challenges: Multi-generational workforce

About: SpanTech LLC is a global manufacturer of plastic conveyors. SpanTech is the only company in the plastic chain conveyor industry that manufactures all the components of the conveyors, ensuring the quality of the product offering.