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Sachse Construction was founded in Detroit, Michigan in 1991. Sachse’s areas of expertise include construction management, general contracting, program management, design-build, innovation and technology, sustainability, and safety. Sachse strives to provide exceptional customer service to their clients and a positive environment for employees to grow and succeed.

Finding a Solution

Sachse’s core values are: do the right thing, have passion and enthusiasm, pursue excellence by constantly raising the bar, and do whatever it takes. It’s clear through their core values, Sachse is committed to not only taking care of clients but also their employees. To provide additional support for their employees, Sachse began searching for an online learning partner.

Before BizLibrary, Sachse didn’t have a formal training program in place. Their main goal was to find a solution that was quick and easy to implement. Because Sachse’s employees are a mix of office and field staff, having consistent training opportunities for all was a requirement. Stacy West from Sachse says they ultimately chose BizLibrary because of the variety of content offered and accessibility.

A Strategic Partnership

When we asked Stacy what are some of the things she liked best about BizLibrary, she said the variety of content and her relationship with the client success team. Stacy says her client success manager is supportive and diligent when it comes to finding solutions and answers to her questions.

“Some of the things I like best about the BizLibrary Collection and what our team members find useful is not only the accessibility of the content, but a lot of the content is quick short videos.” – Stacy West

Her employees appreciate the short and sweet format of the training material, making it easy for them to find time in their busy schedules for training.

Positive Impact

Since partnering with BizLibrary, Sachse has seen an increase in employee engagement and overall training participation. Sache requires all employees to complete a minimum of 40 training credits per year. Stacy proudly says, “Last year we had 98% completion.” With such a high level of engagement and completion rate from their employees, Stacy’s goal is to increase that completion rate to 100% in future years.

Much to Stacy’s surprise, the highest users of the training program are the members of the traveling team.

“Our traveling team, they’re our most difficult team to reach team because they are scattered all across the country, and they use the software most!” – Stacy West

Overall, by partnering with BizLibrary Sache has been able to provide their employees with the opportunity for personal and professional growth through access to a vast library of training materials.

Ready to get started? Let’s talk about how BizLibrary can help you establish a new training program or improve your existing one!

Client: Sachse Construction

Industry: Construction

Top challenges: Succession Planning

About: Sachse Construction was founded in Detroit, Michigan in 1991 and has built millions of square feet of retail, commercial ,multifamily and institutional space across the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.