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New Solutions

Founded in 1991, Quick Med Claims (QMC) is a national leader in revenue cycle management specializing in the needs of the medical transportation industry. QMC is known for its high standard in compliance, business ethics, and personal service.

When QMC was faced with the new challenge of unprecedented company growth, Edie Valencia their Program Coordinator, began evaluating their previous training program to determine how to combat this change. Formerly, their program was composed of new employee orientation, informal 1×1 desk side training, and compliance training. This compliance training was tracked through the unreliable format of a pen and paper sign-in sheet. Their previous training program was haphazard and in need of an update.

Through review of their previous training program and analysis of ongoing needs, QMC began searching for a new solution.

“When we sat down to make a list of topics that we should probably train on we quickly realized that we did not have the skills, expertise, or the time to curate that much learning content.” – Edie Valencia

They chose to partner with BizLibrary when they discovered the BizLibrary solution provided high quality content delivered on a platform that is easy to use for both learners and administrators.

Building a Learning Culture

Like many companies, QMC’s previous focus on training was compliance centered. With access to the the BizLibrary Collection , QMC was able to expand their program to cover a variety of training topics and easily track course completion in the learning management system. Their employees began exploring the vast collection of microlearning videos readily available at their fingertips.

“They appreciate the variety of topics that we’re able to provide training on that we were never able to do prior to our partnership with BizLibrary.” – Edie Valenica

By building a learning culture, organizational agility will follow. This strategy can be advantageous, and it is a great time to implement during times of unprecedented growth.

Measuring Success

One of the key metrics QMC measured to determine success of their new training program was utilization. Their executive team wanted to be sure that learners were using the new resources. Edie proudly shares,

“Getting ready to start our third year with BizLibrary we have had over 55,000 video completions!”

Overall efficiency was another metric that QMC used to determine success of their new training program. This accomplishment was seen through multiple departments. As corporate trainer, Edie was able to run her new hire orientation as a smooth operation. Not only was she able to deliver meaningful content to her learners, but she could spare some time and focus on additional tasks.

“One success we had early on after the implementation of BizLibrary was a reduction in the amount of effort it was taking our compliance director to manage our industry required compliance certification and CEUs.”

Ultimately through strategic partnership with BizLibrary, Quick Med Claims was able to create an engaging training program to support their employees on their learning and development journey and fulfill their company compliance training needs.

Client: Quick Med Claims

Industry: Financial Services

Top challenges: Change and Uncertainty

About: Founded in 1991, Quick Med Claims (QMC) is a national leader in revenue cycle management specializing in the needs of the medical transportation industry. QMC is known for it’s high standard in compliance, business ethics, and personal service.