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PV Fluid Products works in the oil and gas industry that helps power and manufacture solutions for large equipment that improves drilling performance. In business since 1993, PV Fluid Products has a variety of challenges that require strategic use of learning and development.

Leading that charge is Sarah Truchard, a program manager at PV Fluid Products, who has leveraged a partnership with BizLibrary to bring impactful results to PV Fluid Products’ business goals.

Before partnering with BizLibrary, PV Fluids used many different vendors, or sourced free content online. The decentralized training process made organizing training and making sure training was high quality and relevant a major headache, costing valuable time for Sarah’s program.

With BizLibrary’s all-in-one solution, Sarah suddenly had one place to track, assign, and report on training, and with BizLibrary’s carefully curated collection, she could trust that high quality training and tracking would be available in one place!

Technology That Impacts Learners

For Sarah, having a centralized location for all of her training needs has been one of the biggest benefits to her.

“Whether it’s safety, leadership or Microsoft Office, it has enabled our people to know exactly where they need to go for their learning.”

Another great benefit has been her one-on-one relationship with Stacey, her Client Success Manager.

“The experience with the Client Success team has been phenomenal. Everyone is always willing to answer questions and help support us in our times of need. Stacy always has something new for our team to try to bolster our learning department.”

Finding Value in a Vast Library

With several employees doing various tasks, Sarah has found that BizLibrary’s large collection has benefited her by being able to provide multiple styles, catered to the individual’s needs.

“There are all different types of topics that we can choose from that I can cater towards the different audiences.”

Depending on the audience and the topic, Sarah can now choose from short or long videos, humorous videos for topics like work station management, or more serious videos for complex topics like anti-harassment. Whatever the right course is, Sarah can now access it, and so can her learners!

Transforming Compliance Training with BizLibrary

When Sarah joined PV Fluid Products, one of the biggest challenges before her was getting her team of manufacturers in compliance with strict safety regulations.

When PV Fluid Products was initially audited, they realized that they could only prove that less than 30% of their employees were up-to-date with OSHA training!

Sarah knew that solving this challenge was important for the future of the business, and would help build a culture that truly values workplace safety.

“We researched BizLibrary and the content it had around OSHA performance and workplace safety, and determined that the content provided would be able to be leveraged for our compliance training. Now, everyone gets assigned their BizLibrary courses, and our compliance is up to 86% in just three months!”

That kind of transformation, implemented so quickly, is rare, and requires serious hard work from program managers!

Client: PV Fluid Products

Industry: Manufacturing

Top challenges: Employee Retention

About: PV Fluid Products works in the oil and gas industry that helps power and manufacture solutions for large equipment that improves drilling performance.