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Mariani Packing Company has been a family-owned company for more than 100 years and is currently the largest independently owned, producer, and packer of dried fruit. Mariani is an industry leader in food processing and quality assurance.

Searching for a Solution

Mariani was aware of the importance of having a training and development program for their employees, however, their previous efforts were not coming to fruition. Previously, Mariani was working with an elearning vendor to provide training to their employees, but the resources were not being utilized.

Learning and Talent Development Manager, Kim Judkins, was on a mission to find an engaging solution for their organization that employees would embrace.

Kim had specific criteria for her new search. The qualifiers included:

  • Spanish content
  • Intuitive system for learners and administrators
  • Accessibility for a dispersed workforce

Mariani began their partnership with BizLibrary because they were able to check off all their requirements.

Modern Learning Content

When Kim was asked what she enjoys most about the content offered in the BizLibrary Collection, she said the variety of courses offered. For Kim, this includes a broad range of topics from workplace safety to leadership and management to soft skills.

Mariani gave their employees access to the full library of courses to enable them with the resources to grow both personally and professionally through the option of self-directed learning. Employees at Mariani enjoy the variety of topics available and often discuss with their peers what courses were most impactful and fun to complete.

One individual from the IT department experienced great success when he began exploring topics available through the BizLibrary Collection. Kim says this individual previously completed job-specific training through an alternative source but thought it was convoluted.

When he tried the IT courses available through BizLibrary, he was impressed with how helpful the content was for his specific needs, and that he could complete the training at his own pace. Kim says now this individual is utilizing BizLibrary as part of his strategy to earn a promotion.

Positive Impact

Because Mariani made the full library of courses available to all employees, noticeable improvements have been seen across all departments.

In 2018, Mariani had an impressive 25 internal promotions. This was a major improvement from years past, and the success can be attributed to the skills learned from the courses in the training program.

The employee retention rate for their temp-to hire-system increased from 10% to 65%.

“We’re extremely proud of what we have been able to do both putting processes and systems in place in the company, but also using BizLibrary to support everything.” -Kim Judkins

Ultimately through a strategic partnership with BizLibrary, Mariani was able to create an engaging training program that employees embraced and yields measurable results for their organization.

Client: Mariani Packing Company
Industry: Manufacturing
Top challenges: Competitive Advantage
About: Mariani Packing Company has been a family-owned company for more than 100 years and is currently the largest independently owned, producer, and packer of dried fruit. Mariani is an industry leader in food processing and quality assurance.