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Iowa Sixth Judicial District recently began experiencing the reality of a retiring workforce. Many of their employees were preparing to retire, or already in the process of leaving. With no previous succession planning in place, Todd Roberts the Executive Officer, knew that it was time to create a strategy.

Previous training methods for Iowa Sixth Judicial District included timely and costly classroom training. They also utilized a method of lengthy e-learning videos, and employee feedback was not positive. Todd began searching for a new solution that was engaging and could satisfy their succession planning demands.

Through partnership with BizLibrary, Iowa Sixth Judicial District transitioned their classroom training and development strategies to an online approach with the BizLibrary Collection and Learning Management System.

A Modern Learning Library

When asked what drove them to choose BizLibrary as their new online learning partner, Todd stated the microlearning videos included in BizLibrary’s content were exactly the type of material that matched their learners’ needs.

“The other piece that really intrigued us as we were doing research for succession planning was microlearning. These short bursts of training that fits with the staff that we are now hiring.”

The BizLibrary Collection has been essential in creating Iowa Sixth Judicial District’s new training program. Overseeing training for their department, Todd appreciates the breadth and depth of the content library. Instead of searching for an individual to deliver classroom training on a specific and timely topic such as servant leadership, Todd can find relevant content and assign training in a moment’s notice.

Personalized Training

By using the BizLibrary LMS, Todd was able to create specific training curriculums through BizLibrary’s Learning Initiatives.

“We are curtailing our curriculum and created pathways to specific positions within units, so that way I’m not just doing a generic one for everyone.” – Todd Roberts

Through personalized training, the material resonated deeper, and they began seeing significant results.

Positive Results

Since partnering with BizLibrary, Todd has been able to create targeted training modules for various employee levels. Examples include programs dedicated to succession planning, high potential employees, and advanced leadership. When asked about the success of these targeted modules, Todd proudly shares, “Every single staff member had completed every single module.”

Employee feedback has been extremely valuable in expanding their training program to additional districts.

“Other districts in our state are jumping on board saying we like what you are doing, we like the platform, and our staff are talking positively about it.” – Todd Roberts

Inspired by Todd’s success, two additional Judicial Districts have signed contracts with BizLibrary.

Client: Iowa Sixth Judicial District

Industry: Government Administration

Top challenges: Succession Planning, Multi-Generational Workforce

About: The Iowa Judicial Branch dedicates itself to providing independent and accessible forums for fair and prompt resolution of disputes, administering justice under law equally to all persons.