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The Struggle to Provide Training

Hood Packaging originally found BizLibrary in 1999 when BizLibrary still operated under the lending library model. Hood was struggling to afford individual safety training videos for employees, as the cost to purchase videos was outside the budget for the smaller company.

They found that partnering with BizLibrary allowed them to provide employees with exceptional training content at a price they could afford.

The solution worked so well that Hood Packaging continued to subscribe to the lending library well into the new millennium, allowing them to remain compliant across locations and track completions for audits.

In 2014, Hood Packaging moved to the BizLibrary online learning system. The online solution not only allowed employees to access thousands of training videos, but also gave the human resources team the ability to more accurately and better track completion of training.

“We were slow to switch to the streaming video method of training delivery. Now that we’re using it exclusively, we’ve been able to offer more training opportunities for people to not only do individual training instead of having to be in a classroom environment, but also be able to do some self-directed training.”

– Lesley Kinney, Training Program Manager

A Partnership that Lasts

In addition to the great training content, Hood Packaging has found the partnership with BizLibrary has added an increasing value to the organization. It’s not every day that a company chooses to remain with the same vendor for more than 18 years!

As the training program manager, Lesley Kinney’s experience with the Client Success team is one that has grown and been incredibly positive. She expressed that the partnership has made BizLibrary part of her extended work team.

As a training team of one, Lesley does not have the full set of resources that many organizations do; when it comes to planning and organizing training, the Client Success team has been instrumental in helping Lesley provide a better training solution to employees. As the program continues to evolve and grow, the relationship and strategy does, as well.

Most recently, the organization has begun working on creating a customer service training program. This has not been an easy task, as it requires the coordination and collaboration of every location.

“My client success consultant has been very instrumental in helping me find tools to use, not just in video training content, but also in developing the complete program, including measurement tools and thinking about the whole process from start to finish.”

– Lesley Kinney

Ongoing Success

Hood Packaging has gone through many changes since the partnership with BizLibrary began in 1999. One of the challenges they face is having a dispersed workforce. For them, this includes employees working in multiple countries, having various cultures working together within a single location, different human resources personnel managing the local training programs, and offsite sales employees.

Using BizLibrary as the single source for employee training and development has eased this pain for Hood Packaging. Providing the learning system allows employees to receive a consistent messaging across locations, as well as the flexibility to train when it works best for them.

“What I like best about the content in the BLC is the vast amount of content that’s available, along with the attention your company places on adding to it continuously and retiring content that just isn’t meeting the needs of clients any longer.”

– Lesley Kinney

Additionally, the large library of content has allowed employees to access more learning and work on their own specific training plans and goals. In fact, Lesley states that she has seen changes in employees’ willingness to find new content for personal training and development.

It has also allowed for local HR teams to develop more unique job-related programs to introduce to the workforce as formalized training programs. As a final benefit, Lesley notes that having all training records in a single, online system has allowed each location to access training data instantly, making it easier to collect and analyze learning data during audits.

Client: Hood Packaging

Industry: manufacturing

Top challenges: dispersed workforce, compliance

About: Hood Packaging is a quality manufacturer of packaging materials with 20 production facilities located in the United States and Canada. Their oldest, continuously running business started over 100 years ago in the jute and cotton trade. It has continued to expand flexible packaging skills into paper, plastic, and woven packaging substrates, as more advanced technology has developed for these products.