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With today’s competitive market and the ever-changing state of the financial services industry, First Community State Bank (FCSB) recognized it was time to step up their training initiatives.

Their previous strategy centered around compliance training. Jessica Mell, Learning Strategist at FCSB, identified the need for additional training material to provide their employees with the opportunity for self-development.

Through partnership with BizLibrary, FCSB was able to provide it’s employees with a brand new training experience that stretched beyond compliance training.

Engaging Content

The content available in the BizLibrary Collection is what captured Jessica’s attention. The variety of courses and engaging delivery appealed to both L&D staff and their learners.

Because the employees at FCSB have minimal time between customers, the microlearning format allows them to receive training in bite-sized chunks without disrupting their schedule.

“The library offers a wide variety of topics. It’s easy for us as L&D staff to find content that engages learners and is very relevant to the needs they have at that particular time.” – Jessica Mell

Switching gears from compliance training to a program designed to also include soft skill training requires some additional planning.

Jessica utilizes the partnership with her Client Success Manager to brainstorm new ways to use her training program to overcome business challenges. Jessica talks about the value of their conversations by stating, “Our calls are focused on business strategy much more than just talking about BizLibrary content.

Developing a Learning Culture

Since implementing their new training program with BizLibrary, FCSB has seen the benefits of online training in many ways. Jessica was pleasantly surprised when a learning culture began to form within their organization. This was a result not necessarily planned for, but happily received.

The employees at FCSB embraced their new resources and began seeking out content outside of their assigned courses.

“Since our partnership with BizLibrary has launched, I’ve found that our employees are really embracing self-learning.” – Jessica Mell

FCSB’s support staff was interested in improving their internal communication and found the BizLibrary resources as a tool to overcome this challenge. Through the soft skills library, the support staff used content centered around customer service and communication to strengthen their internal relationships.

Developing a culture of learning is key when you are an organization such as FCSB facing change and uncertainty. A company culture that embraces continuous learning is one that is better at handling change management and develops agility.

Client: First State Community Bank

Industry: Financial Services

Top challenges: Change and Uncertainty

About: First State Community Bank was founded in 1954 and is a financial leader in the State of Missouri. They are dedicated to helping each customer achieve financial success. They partner with local and regional businesses offering financing options, deposit services, merchant payment solutions and more.