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ALMO Corporation is an independent distributor of a variety of commercial and consumer products, ranging from household appliances to professional A/V equipment and solutions. Lynn Buschman, their training program manager, knew that moving learning online would push the business forward.

Influenced by the relationship with her Client Success Manager, Lynn knew BizLibrary’s vast library of microlearning content would be the all-in-one learning experience ALMO needed.

Lynn and her Client Success Manager work to identify business goals and challenges to tie her training into concrete business results!

A Modern Learning Library

The BizLibrary Collection has been transformative in building ALMO’s new training program, and Lynn attributes that to the breadth of content offered.

“What I like in The BizLibrary Collection is that the content is always being refreshed, that the content looks current, it feels fresh, and our employees really enjoy it!”

In addition to the modern learning, the breadth of content means that employees can find a style of video that resonates with them, so that training is always exciting but delivered in a consistent and favorable way.

“Our employees like that BizLibrary is fresh, relevant, brief, and available at any time.”

Transforming Onboarding

Lynn mentions a specific training challenge ALMO faced – training new customer service employees. Training was time-intensive, costly, and took managers and employees away from customers for too long.

By offering self-paced learning, time-to-train decreased drastically, giving managers more time to train nuanced and vital skills during on-the-job training. At the same time, compliance, company information, and other important (but not job-specific) process-driven training could be completed quickly through BizLibrary’s on-demand learning library.

Delivering Meaningful Results

The program managers aren’t the only ones who have noticed the impact that the BizLibrary partnership has had on ALMO. Lynn tells us of one employee, a sales leader, who committed to learning something new or refreshing an old skill once a day.

“When she had a cup of coffee, every morning she’d watch a short, sales-related video, and within a month she had set a record. She came to me and said ‘I attribute this to BizLibrary by refreshing my sales skill.’”

By taking a moment of out of her day, Lynn says this sales representative had set a major record, making an important contribution, in part through training.

Building a Culture of Continuous Improvement

In addition to the hard figures that Lynn’s efforts have produced, improvements to the company’s culture have occurred since the organization decided to dedicate their workforce to continuous improvement.

“Being continuous learners is really important to us. What makes ALMO unique is our sales support, exceptional customer service, and our distribution network.”

To reinforce their commitment to learning, ALMO decided that every employee would be given the opportunity to learn new skills.

“We gave all of our employees access to all of the content. We wanted to give that message strongly that you’re empowered to learn across a variety of topics.”

This commitment to learning and improvement has helped sustain ALMO’s competitive advantage, putting the organization in a strong place in a competitive industry.

Ready to see how our BizLibrary’s online content library, dedicated client success team, and easy-to-use platform can improve your workforce? Let’s get in touch!

Client: ALMO

Industry: Wholesale Trade

Top challenges: Agility, Competitive Advantage

About: ALMO Corporation is an independent distributor of a variety of commercial and consumer products, ranging from household appliances to professional A/V equipment and solutions.