Weekly Video Highlight

Weekly Video Highlight: Vulnerability as a Leadership Strength

We’ve seen leadership change drastically over the past decade. In the past, a boss assigned tasks and managed the completion of these tasks.

Today’s leadership is more nuanced and empowering; leaders today are solution-oriented, dedicated to helping employees overcome challenges, and deliver innovation and value to their companies.

Today’s leaders need to embody several traits, some of the most important being empathy, emotional intelligence, and vulnerability.

Being vulnerable allows leaders to demonstrate courage, take risks, create meaningful relationships, and embody your corporate values.

This week’s video highlight, from The BizLibrary Collection, teaches leaders steps and strategies they can take to become more vulnerable in a way that will impact your organization.

Click the play button below to watch a one-minute preview of “Vulnerability as a Leadership Strength” from The BizLibrary Collection!


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