Weekly Video Highlight

Weekly Video Highlight: Future Focused Leadership

Your company’s leaders steer the direction and trajectory of your organization. That’s an incredible responsibility, so it’s important that your current and emerging leaders understand how to prepare for the future of your business.

Too often, leaders get caught up in what competitors are doing, or where they think the market is going, and ideas and innovation fall to the side.

Future focused leadership is a process which involves multiple people influencing and helping to build direction in a company through more involved leadership.

This week’s video from The BizLibrary Collection asks leaders where their focus lies and encourages them to reflect on times they may have missed an opportunity to innovate.

Videos like this offer valuable thinking points, are easy to watch, and can seamlessly fit into even the busiest executive’s day.

Click the play button below to watch a one-minute preview of this week’s video lesson, “Future Focused Leadership (Part 3 of 10): A Shift in Focus!”


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