Weekly Video Highlight

Weekly Video Highlight: Becoming a More Authentic Leader

As younger generations not only enter the workforce, but begin taking on leadership roles, it’s important to deliver leadership training in a modern and engaging way.

Art of Authenticity is a 7-part video course on finding and modeling authenticity as a leader. During each of the 6-7 minute segments, leaders will learn skills that they can refine and apply immediately.

In part one, learners are encouraged to define their “signature contributions” – a daily contribution that they take on and only they can accomplish. In the accompanying handout, learners can reflect on the unique abilities they bring to an organization, how they can use their strengths to be better leaders, and what steps they can take to leverage those strengths for a more empowered team.

Click the play button below to watch a one-minute clip of “Art of Authenticity: Becoming a More Authentic Leader (Part 1 of 7)”

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