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Fostering Creativity at Work
This 7-minute video lesson will help learners recognize common blocks to creativity in the workplace, learn how to deal with these obstacles and understand the qualities of a creative environment.
The Facts About Workplace Substance Abuse
One in 12 full-time employees reports using illegal drugs. In this 8-minute video lesson, we explore the damaging effects of substance abuse to workplace productivity and cohesion.
Active Shooter & Workplace Violence
Knowing the proper procedures to follow during an emergency could mean the difference between life and death. This safety video lesson will teach basic response practices when encountering workplace violence.
Breakroom Etiquette
This 3-minute video lesson covers one of the office’s greatest sore spots – the breakroom. Here’s some breakroom etiquette tips that you should keep in mind when using your company’s lunchroom.
9 Easy Ways to Be Smarter Every Day
As part of an ongoing drive to be better every day, this lesson explores actions and habits that we can develop for daily improvement of our mental capacities and readiness.
Protecting Personal Data
Data is the lifeblood of any enterprise, and protecting data is one of the key responsibilities of every employee. In this video lesson, we’ll discuss the key do’s and don’ts for effective data protection.
What to Say When: You’re Asked to Compromise Your Ethics
What do you do when a colleague you respect suddenly displays lower standards than you expected? Knowing whether to say something, when to say it and how to say it is the key.
Creating a Mindset for Change for Leaders
This video course consists of 15 short video lessons that will teach managers and leaders how to recognize unconscious focus and create a culture of embracing change within the organization.
Setting the Baseline for a Project
When you decide a project is ready to go, you create a baseline; everything that happens in the project is compared to the baseline. This video lesson explains how to save a baseline for an entire project or just certain tasks.

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